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Mercury-Safe Dentistry

For over a hundred years, dental amalgam or “silver” fillings have been used to fill teeth even though they are about one-half elemental mercury. With recent advancements, many dentists have moved to a mercury-free office setting to better protect their patients while receiving treatment. This outdated mercury filling material is still being taught in most dental schools and used by about half of all dentists in the United States. With recent advancements in dentistry, our office is pleased to be called a “mercury-free dentistry office.” You can now receive the dental care you need with even more precision and safety than ever before.

What is a Mercury-Free Office?

Our office is mercury free and safe. Dr. Julie A. Obenchain maintains a committed dedication to the practice of biologically-safe and environmentally-responsible dentistry through a mercury-free office. Her goal is to treat her patients in the most healthy, caring way possible and to share information about dental wellness with her patients to help them make educated decisions about their oral health. She understands the important relationship of oral to overall health and realizes that you cannot be truly healthy without good oral health.

Because of this important relationship, Dr. Julie offers a wide range of biologically-safe treatment options. By combining sound dental science and technical experience with a deep concern for a patient’s emotional well-being and comfort, Dr. Julie takes a unique whole body approach to safe dentistry. Contact us today to learn more about our mercury-free dental practice.

Mercury Filling Removal

Some of our patients feel strongly about the potential health risks surrounding amalgam fillings, and choose to have them removed. Dr. Obenchain offers safe, environmentally-friendly mercury removal.

If it is your desire to have an amalgam filling removed, we can help. There are several precautions we can take with sanitary amalgam removal to make sure you are not exposed to any harmful substances that may contain mercury.

Dr. Julie Obenchain uses a mercury-safe protocol that provides eight layers of protection between you and the mercury in your fillings:

  1. Pre-rinse – You’ll rinse with a dual-purpose mouth rinse that binds to mercury vapor excreted in your mouth from amalgam fillings prior to the procedure.
  2. We use rubber dam isolation (to isolate the area of treatment from the oral environment and prevention of contact with mercury particulate), if possible.
  3. You’ll breathe pure oxygen during the procedure in order to prevent any inhalation of mercury vapor.
  4. We use high-speed evacuation to remove the mercury particulate and vapor.
  5. We use a water-cooled, high-speed handpiece for irrigation during removal.
  6. We section the mercury fillings into pieces as large as possible.

We use the IQ Air Dental Hg FlexVac, a mobile air-cleaning system with a flexible suction duct. The system is designed to capture drill aerosols, abrasion powder and mercury vapors during dental procedures. The flexible suction duct is typically placed on your chest, from where it directly captures drill aerosols and mercury vapors before they can spread.

Post-rinse – You’ll rinse with a dual-purpose mouth rinse that binds to mercury vapor excreted in your mouth from amalgam fillings after the procedure.